Aside from Tereglio and its beautiful church, we would like to recommend a few of the most interesting local attractions:

  • Lucignana with the Sopra la Penna bookcase
  • Coreglia Antelminelli and its museum of the local tradition of plaster figurine manufacture and documentation of the massive emigration in the late 1800 and early 1900’s.
  • Barga with its beautiful Romanesque cathedral containing sisnificant works of art including imposing Della Robbia altars.
  • Castelnuovo Garfagnana and the Este fortress.
  • The Fortress of Camporbiano with its ceramics museum.
  • San Romano and the fortress of the Verrucole.
  • San Pellegrino in Alpe and its interesting ethnographic museum.
  • Bagni di Lucca, famous for its curative thermal baths for centuries.

All of these places are reached following itineraries that are interesting both for the natural settings and for the historic monuments encountered along the way.

From Tereglio you can easily make day trips the following cities: Lucca, Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato or Livorno.

We mention the picturesque railway line between the Serchio valleys that connects Lucca to the Garfagnana and which continues towards Aulla, from which the villages along the Ligurian coast (Cinque Terre) are easily reachable.





In Bagni di Lucca there is a large spa known for its cavern with natural therapeutic steam baths. .

CENTER FOR HOLISTIC MEDICINE AT THE GLOBAL VILLAGE. In the attractive Villa Demidoff you can enjoy thermal baths in 19th century pools. To find out about the center and its health and beauty treatments visit the web site at





Two different but equally beautiful itineraries lead down to the seacoast in one and a half hours.

One road crosses the Apuan Alps going through Arni and the famous marble quarries. The other road takes you through a more populated area across the Lucese Pass and the town of Gombitelli.



Barga Opera festival and Barga Jazz festival.

Castelnuovo, the Teatro Alfieri.

Camporgiano, International Folklore Festival.

The ancient tradition of the “MAGGIO” (an ancient form of popular theater including dance and songs typical of the Apennine mountains) is re-enacted in the forests near several towns in the area.

Almost every evening during the summer months you will find festivals and various sorts of entertainment in many of the piazzas or historic monuments of the area.



  • Riding stables 5 km from Tereglio –
  • Swimming pools in Barga, Borgo a Mozzano, Bagni di Lucca and Castelnuovo.
  • Tennis courts in Bagni di Lucca, Gallicano and Borgo a Mozzano.
  • Golf at Pontecosi Golf Club Garfagnana, 6 holes tel. +39 3280971870.





The forest around Tereglio is full of boletus mushrooms (porcini) and chestnuts.